12 months, 15 Countries all in 40 photos

I left the UK 12 months ago today, since then I have traveled 15 other countries, illegally crossed the Darains Gap between Colombia and Panama by boat, become a qualified TEFL Teacher, a PADI Divemaster, learnt Spanish, survived the Amazon rain forest, an active volcano and 2 visits to hospital.


This journey truly has changed my whole perspective to life, at points I doubted whether I would ever feel as happy as I was at that moment , and I still wonder whether I will know that kind of freedom again.

I feel blessed to have the memories I keep close to me and the stories to share for a lifetime.


Lucky for me I had my trusty cannon with me most of the way so I can try and help you envision this amazing adventure along with the people and places I was fortunate enough to travel to in the last 12 months.


Pictures really do say a thousand words so I will let them say it for me with my Top photos from the 15 Incredible countries I feel in love with this year.


(It was SO hard to only chose 2 from each Country)





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No Mans Land- Sailing from Colombia to Panama



Costa Rica









And some random ones that couldnt be missed

What an incredible 12 months!! You can find out more about my Journey by reading my Travel Blogs on (nearly) each country. 


All photos were taken by myself with either my Samsung Galaxy or (mostly) my trusted travel companion my Canon Power Shot SX510 HS. With exception from the underwater shot from Turkey, which was GoPro 3. My Canon really is the perfect travel camera!!

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