My inner adrenaline junkie: 5 things I did while travelling that made me question my sanity..

I wouldn't describe myself as an adrenaline junkie, I like to keep my heart beating fast yes, but i am not usually first in the que to put my life on the line. However i do have FOMO aka fear of missing out. Big time. Even if its something not even an inch of me wants to do, if someone else is doing it and it means me missing out, i just have to do it and swallow my fear.


So here is 5 ridiculous things i did in 2014 that i could of potentially not come out alive to tell this tales.


In order of pure insanity to absolute ridiculousness.


5. Swimming in the Amazon River after fishing for Piranhas and calling off a search for man eating pythons...Right where the pythons were spotted the previous days

Diving into Piranhas and Pythons...eeekkk
Diving into Piranhas and Pythons...eeekkk

Read more about it here

4. Swinging over mountains on a homemade swing attached to a branch, with nothing to hold you in to prevent you falling to your death. Oh and then a Volcano went off.

Read more and see more photos here

3. Swimming in a cave with only candle light and jumping of bridges in Guatemala

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2. Trying to take a selfie with a wild, hungry crocodile in the ocean in Panama. And then getting chased by it.

Read more about it here

1. 'Boarding' aka tumbling down a LIVE Volcano on a bit of wood in Nicaragua. 

2014 has been quite a year; yet through all my stupid decisions to push my body harder (I even had to turn to menstrual cups) and get my heart pumping further it has been the best year yet. And maybe i am a secret adrenaline junkie?


Happy Travels

Some more safety conscience adrenaline activities i have grown grey hairs for.

What adrenaline pumping things did you do in 2014? What should i do next in 2015?

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