'A picture is worth a thousand words, but an underwater one is worth a million'

Scuba diving is my ultimate passion; my love for it is so hard to explain, yet having my GoPro by my side gives you a small idea of what it's like to explore the world's oceans. Are you certified yet?

Because not every underwater photo is all about fish..

scuba diving in Micronesia

But then again you can't help but love a nemo picture

nemo fish
Photo Brad Holland

Sometimes underwater photos look more like art

tips on diving in Micronesia

Then sometimes they just look plain scary

The ocean is full of weird and wonderful creatures

And objects too

wrecks in micronesia

Some are now part of the history of the ocean

gopro micronesia

Others like to keep hidden

Some you didn't even know lived in the ocean

sea water croc
Coiba national park, Panama.

But not everything has to be discovered with a tank on your back

scuba diver girl

Or even with your head under the water

Diving is also about friends

Pushing your comfort zones

girls and sharks
Photo by Brad Holland

Discovering new things

Old things

Pretty things

Breathtaking things

Panama, Central America.
Panama, Central America.
Holbox Island, Mexico
Holbox Island, Mexico

Things you never thought you would see other than on TV

Photo by Brad Holland
Photo by Brad Holland

And everything in between

Photo Brad Holland
Photo Brad Holland

When tomorrow is not guaranteed

There is really only one thing to do

sarah richard travel blogger and scuba diver


Let the ocean leave you speechless.

Truk Lagoon, Micronesia
Truk Lagoon, Micronesia

(And take some epic selfies while you're at it!)

Photo Brad Holland
Photo Brad Holland

All photos I took myself and are from my time working in Micronesia, apart from the few in Central America (Minus the ones from the awesome Brad Holland-underwater photographer at manta ray bay resort in yap)

Join me for the ride:

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