10 things people living in Hong Kong need a gentle reminder about.

I've been living in Hong Kong for 3 months now, just about enough time to realise what people in Hong Kong do differently from the rest of the world. Bare in mind I have mostly been in under developed countries, there are a lot of things that surprise me about the way we live here. I LOVE this city, so desperately. I have a crazy infatuation with it and honestly not a moment goes by I don't fall for it more and more. In fact even its down falls inspire me. So much so they have inspired me to write this post; I think maybe if we all just try a littttllee harder with some things that we probably don't even realise we are missing Hong Kong could really have the ultimate atmosphere (even more so than it does now) Lets give them a try.

1. Say THANK YOU when someone holds the door for you. And if you REALLY can't do that at least smile. We all smile in the same language, there are no barriers there!!

2. Look up from your phone. Seriously, have you seen where you are living recently? I mean really SEEN it. 

3. Help someone with their bags trying to get them up the millions of stairs around the city. It takes no effort and could make someones day.

4. If someone is trying to get off the MTR at their stop, just step to the side, let them through, don't make them have to push. Awareness=no pushing=no stress=more smiles.

5. The left side of the escalator is for walking up. That kind of means you have to WALK on it, not stand still blocking it and playing candy crush.

6. Lets not refer to Kowloon as the 'dark side' hey?

7. Have taxi etiquete- don't steal someones that has been waiting longer than you. And taxi drivers pleaaassee don't say no to taking us home just because you can't be bothered to go that way.

8. When we are trying to all walk down the same small street with our umbrellas how about we lift them up, down, to the left, or right? Just in any other direction than directly in each others eyes.. Just a thought?

9. If you take any longer taking pictures and selfies with your food I will personally eat it for you. Yeah I'm sure those pancakes will look great on Instagram. But they will also look great in.my.mouth.

10. And lets be honest, the whole reason I wrote this post: WALK FASTER. PLEASE WALK FASTER. PLEASE. please?

Now if someone could also translate this into Cantonese and spread the word, imagine how much more awesome our every day lives would be in this incredible city!

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