10 Struggles of living in Hong Kong

It's Friday, and it's a struggle. Because we live in Hong Kong and for some reason a Friday here is harder than any other day. Fact ( I made that up, obviously not an actual fact) But today I was writing an article and spelt 'Wales' instead of 'Whales' when describing what you can see while scuba diving. Now that wouldn't have happened on a Thursday or a Tuesday. Only Friday. So that got me thinking of the rest of my dilemmas on this day, and in general of the (expat brat) struggles of living in Hong Kong.


Disclamer.. don't take any of this seriously, you know how much I love Hong Kong, I just need a rant, and YOU need a laugh.

1. As soon as you take your umbrella out of your bag 'because it hasn't rained in 2 days' IT RAINS.

2. You get in the lift, after waiting FOREVER, and then realise it is going up, not down, therefore, waste more time than you did contemplating whether to take the stairs or not.

3. Where the hell do all the hot guys/girls you see walking around Central hide at night? Not where we are at for happy hour that's for sure..?

4. Oh another cold call you say? Haven't had one of those for a while.

5. You try and navigate around the streets like a remote control car only to get stuck behind the next slow walker or candy crush player.

6. Your Octopus card just ran out. 

7. You try and say no to after work drinks because you want a 'quiet weekend' and are 'going on a hike tomorrow' and then you turn up on Monday still wearing the same clothes from when you left on Friday.

8. '$145,88 for 2 drinks? Why yes, take my card, and have one for yourself why don't you' 

9. 'Hey, I'm visiting HK this weekend, can I crash at yours' When will people realise WE.LIVE.IN.SHOEBOXES.

10. Oh sure you can have a new door/gym/office key, if you can just put a deposit down on the deposit you already deposited and then if you lose it you can put another deposit down to make sure you secured your last deposit.

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