The 10 Struggles Of The Hong Kong Dating Scene

dating in hong kong

Last Friday we had the '10 Struggles of living in Hong Kong' and this Friday we have the '10 Struggles of dating in Hong Kong' because for the single's among us this city is beyond hilarious to date in. If you haven't been single yet in Hong Kong I don't know whether I envy you or feel sorry for you. It's a sport in itself, and here's why:

1. I'm deleting Tinder. It sucks. Ok, done, deleted. What's that? You met that hot guy/girl on Tinder? I'm gonna download it again.


2. We have mutual friends, does that mean I should or shouldn't swipe right?


3. That's it I'm definitely deleting Tinder, there's 7 million people out there, I don't need an app to find a date.


4. Oh, you already dated my best friend and my flatmate. Right.


5. Actually I like this one, this could go somewhere. What's that? You're leaving town next week? 


6. A date? Yeah sure..I can do Wednesday at 10:48pm or once I get back from my vacation in 2 weeks? Or I can maybe take a lunch break one day next month?


7. You live in Kowloon? Well, this is never going to work.


8. All the guys/girls here are un dateable. I'm giving up on the dating scene.

And drinking.

I'm giving up drinking.


9. Should I should text me ex...?


10. Maybe I'll give Tinder one last go..



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