Travel addiction is a REAL thing and it's the reason why we can't stop travelling! 

can you be addicted to travel?

Signs you may be addicted to travel:

- As soon as you are home from one trip you are planning the next

- You spend every penny you earn on plane tickets

- You have a hundred 'Travel quotes' saved on your phone

- Your friends tag you in every Facebook post related to travelling

- Your Lonely Planet books are the only thing you have left in your room

-You are constantly worried that you will run out of time to see all that you want to see

- People stop asking when you are going away again and start asking where?

- Your purse is full of every other currency apart from the country's you are in right now

-You have more passport stamps than you do possessions


The list could go on. You know it, everyone around you knows it and now finally science knows it. You have an official disorder. You are a TRAVEL ADDICT.



Travel quote

Finally, there is an answer to your wanderlust (and (un)fortunately there's no cure)


For those of us that are addicted to a life of travel are those of us that have a higher level of the hormone dopamine in the brain. Dopamine is the "feel-good" hormone with amazing effects: high attention, improved short-term memory, elation, boldness and a temporary desire to explore the world and take risks. This hormone is also released when we are happy- aka when we are travelling. 


The feeling that is produced through the hormone Dopamine is an addictive one. That feeling when you arrive in a new place, eat new food, make new friends. When you are completely out there alone, yet have never been so happy. This happy hormone is one of the best feelings in the world. And we just can't get enough of it


Scientists from Denmark and Japan said they had proved in research that a need for travel is greater on average among those who have more of the gratification hormone, dopamine, in their brains.


So as we travel more, our tolerance to this hormone decreases, and we crave to find it all over again. This makes us want to continue travelling- to re-live those feelings and memories that have never made us so happy.


And this isn't a bad addiction. To be 'addicted; to travel is more like realising 'the more I see, the more I realise I haven't seen' it is knowing there is a big world out there, and possibly limited time to see it. So maybe,  rather than being addicted to travel, you (And I) are in love with the feeling of travel, just like we fall in love with a person. Travel is when our 'feel-good' hormone is at its best. So you know what to do... keep travelling


But there we go, if you're addicted to travel, it's because your brain produces a higher level of dopamine. (But really, it's just because you can't get enough of this beautiful world we live in, and want to keep exploring for the rest of your life!)

travel addiction

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