5 Struggles of the Hong Kong Weather

It's been a while since I talked about the oh so real struggles of living in Hong Kong, so today's rant comes in partnership with the man upstairs, or whoever it is that controls the HK climate.

As always, take none of what you read seriously, it's Friday, you need a laugh, I need it to be happy hour faster, we all win.

Hong Kong weather

1. You got your umbrella, you got your scarf, you got your sweater. And then the sun comes out and turns up to 30c. You don't have your sunglasses.

what is wrong with the Hong Kong weather

2. Sunny every weekday you say? Then rainy all weekend? Wonderful news for all of us that don't work on a beach. aka. the whole of Hong Kong

weather memes in Hong Kong

3. Wish for cooler days all summer. Cooler days come; waaa why is it so cold (although it is still hotter than the UK summer)

it is motherfucking cold

4. One day of cold weather; puts all summer clothes away. Wake up next day it is summer again

I have nothing to wear

5. It rains. Just as you go out for coffee. You crowd in a door step with 125364 other people. You're wearing your nice shoes. You have to abort ship and run back to office or you will be there all day. You run, your feet are wet, your hair is wet. You get back to the office. It stops raining. You don't have coffee.

noah called, he picks us up in 10 minuets

The struggle is REAL

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