16 Signs You're Totally Addicted To Travel

Do you spend countless of hours browsing travel websites and blogs? Do you spend most of your days dreaming of your next big adventure? If your answer is a “yes”, then you’re likely one of the innumerable people from all over the world, who are seriously addicted to travel. 


And make no mistake about it – travelling can be just as addictive as soon recreational drugs. Once it puts you into a state of euphoria, it can be pretty difficult for you to resist the urge to travel. And the more you explore other places, the more you become hooked to it. Try not to travel for a couple of months, and you could find yourself in a pawnshop with a fistful of jewellery or gold, in an effort to travel. (Ok, am I going a bit too far now?)


Think you’re a certified travel junkie? Then, make sure to check out these signs, and see if you truly are addicted to travel. 


You do not get homesick

Real travel junkies, unlike common people, rarely feel nostalgic for home. In fact, going home feels like more of a vacation or a pit stop between their journeys, to these people. 


Your smartphone is loaded with travel apps 

From language translators and currency converters to Google Maps, your smartphone is stocked with a library of informative and useful travel-related apps 


You’ve watched a ton films related to travelling

You have watched countless of films that inspire people to travel, such as Into the Wild, Under the Tuscan Sun, Eat Pray Love, One Week, Motorcycle Diaries, Wild and Darjeeling Limited. 


Nothing excites you more than thought of traveling 

When you’re seriously addicted to travel, not even the hottest TV shows, coolest online games or latest blockbuster film can offer as much as excitement as the idea of traveling to a far-off place. Frankly, everything just seems boring, compared to travel, for folks who have been bitten by the travel bug. 


Your bucket list of full of places to visit 

Normal people, for the most part, fill their bucket list with things to do. A travel junkie, on the other hand, has a bucket list consisting of a million places to visit and see. 


Your fridge is literally covered with magnets of the places and cities you have visited

Travel addicts would very often feel the need to invest in a second fridge, so they can flaunt all the magnets they have collected from their trips.


You have more friends abroad than at home

Even though they are naturally friendly, travel addicts will sometimes will lonely at home since most of their friends live overseas. 


Your email is full of messages from travel companies 

You have subscriptions to Skyscanner and other numerous travel companies that will send you the latest information on promo deals and travel packages. 

You’re a master in packing 

You’ll know you are travel addict, when you can pack everything you’ll need for a 21-day trip in a modestly sized bag in 10 minutes or less. 


You’re still using your suitcase even at home 

You are so used to living life on the road that you use your suitcase, to a large extent, even when you are at home. Also, you think closets and cabinets are overrated, and you do not need hangers for your shirts and pants. 


You have a tattoo about travelling 

You have or at least considered having a tattoo of a compass, Lonely Planet logo, map or small airplane. 


You spend a number of hours reading travel blogs 

While most people spend hours reading celeb and sports pages, you normally spend your time online reading articles and blogs from Nomadic Matt, Lonely Planet, National Geographic, and Discovery Channel. (or maybe mine??) 


You can fall asleep practically anywhere 

Seriously, you can catch some Zs easily wherever you are, whether it’s on the office desk, bus or train. 


You consider your passport as one of your most treasured possessions 

Sometimes, travel junkies think that their passport is more valuable than any expensive piece of glittering jewelry in the world. 


You’re not afraid of getting lost 

You are never afraid of getting lost because you have an amazing sense of direction, and you also don’t believe in wrong turns. As a matter of fact, you believe that there’s a sweet surprise or new adventure in each corner, and the only way to discover a hidden gem is to let go of the map, and try to get off-track. 


You can communicate effectively in foreign languages

You may not be a pro linguist, but you can at least speak “cheers” and “hello” in 7 or 8 languages.  


Looking for the ultimate remedy to your addiction? I suggest that you open your travel planner,  and start planning your next big trip now! 

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