8 Reasons to visit Greece NOW

With so many affordable flights to Europe, Greece holidays have never looked so good. If you’ve never visited this Mediterranean haven, you could be missing out. Here’s 6 reasons to add this destination to your bucket list.

Solo travel to Greece




Greece’s geography is surprisingly diverse, and as such the country enjoys a variety of micro-climates. The northern regions such as the Pindus mountain range can receive plenty of rainfall while climate in the Aegean Islands can be hot and dry during the entire summer. It makes for a versatile destination, with something to suit all.



Friendly locals


Expect a warm welcome, the Greek hospitality is famed throughout the Mediterranean. You may find yourself invited into their homes which offers a rare opportunity to immerse yourself in the local culture.


Historic treasures


Where else can you visit the original stadium of the Olympic Games or marvel at temples dedicated to the gods Zeus and Apollo? Crammed with some of world’s most jaw-dropping ancient sites, this is a culture vulture’s haven. Highlights include the Parthenon temple in Athens and the impressive theatre of Epidaurus.


The Islands


There’s over 6,000 Greek Islands scattered throughout the sparkling Ionian and Aegean Seas. Choose from one of the inhabited ones for a holiday in paradise. Whether you’re admiring the ruins of Europe’s oldest city in Crete, exploring Kefalonia's rolling vineyards or enjoying the hedonistic nightlife of Kos, it’s an adventure you won’t forget.


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Travel to Santorini in Greece


Ouzo may be the national drink, but the country's wine heritage dates back thousands of years. Travel to the island of Santorini and you can tour the local vineyards, sampling the sweet white wines along the way. Be sure to try the most popular, vinsanto, best enjoyed with freshly grilled calamari.



Crystal clear waters and miles of unspoilt coastline can be found on not only the islands, but the mainland too. Greece boasts over 400 Blue Flag Beaches from secluded coves to family-friendly bays and watersport hotspots. Elia on the island of Mykonos is regarded as the most picturesque. Surrounding by limestone cliffs, this is unbelievably scenic.



As you would expect from the world’s largest exporter of olive oil, Greek cuisine is mouthwateringly good. From its feta cheese to steaming plates of souvlaki and the world-famous moussaka, you’re guaranteed a culinary feast.


Few destinations offer such a diverse range of attractions. For the adventurous, nothing beats a trek in the dense forests and snow-capped peaks of the north. In search on an exciting city-break? The historic capital Athens is guaranteed to impress. Alternatively, escape to one of the many rural hideaways for some blissful relaxation.


A holiday in Greek promises a once in a lifetime experience. If you’re still not convinced, travel to this sun-kissed country and discover its lasting appeal for yourself.


And then there's always the dream to have your wedding in Greece... just saying!! ;)

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