Yes, I'm a female travelling around Egypt alone, and no you should not be worried

Every action we take in life comes with a certain amount of risk. You know that right? For example, when we decide to cross the road before the light tells us to, we are exposing ourselves to new risks. When we jump in the ocean and we don't know what's underneath us there's a new risk. And when women decide to travel to the Middle East, and more specially Egypt, alone there is a new risk.


Risk surrounded us. But we must not let it stop us from living our dreams.

"Your biggest risk will be the one you didn't take"

I've been travelling alone around Egypt for the past 2 months now. In fact, I've kind of moved here. I'm renting an apartment in Dahab to use as a base to travel around the Middle East. I love this part of the world, it holds so much mystery and inspiration, but it gets such a hard time in the media. 


I get asked every day on social media and through the blog if it is dangerous in Egypt. I stop what I am reading, put my coffee down and watch this sleepy town go about its day. I couldn't find risk even if I tried.


But, ok, I get it, that's just one town in Egypt.


So I travelled more of Egypt just to make sure.

People shout at me when I walk the streets alone, yes.

They ask if I want a taxi, or they stop and ask if I need help. Let's be honest here too, they sometimes hassle me and ask if I have a husband. That part of the rumours you hear are true; men do hassle you on the street. Does that make Egypt unsafe? No. Does that make walking alone along the street annoying. Yes. 


Bombings, terrorism, corruption? I haven't seen any of it. So when you ask me if Egypt is safe because of those things, I can't really give you an answer. Nothing bad has happened to me while I have been travelling alone in Egypt. Let that speak louder than a simple yes or no answer.

You'll find me by the coffee, looking out onto the ocean, and soaking up life in #Dahab ☕️

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Yes, I am taking a risk every time I walk in Egypt alone. Just like you are taking a risk every time you walk in whatever country you are in alone. Do I feel like I am at added risk? No. I honestly don't. Should you be worried about me, or other women travelling alone in Egypt? No more or less than you should in any other country. And that is coming from my own personal experience. A women in her twenties, travelling alone, around Egypt. RIGHT NOW. 


So for now, you'll find me falling in love with Egypt - giving it the chance it deserves, until it proves me otherwise. And no, you needn't worry.


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