So how'd you become a travel blogger hey?

How do you take your coffee?

I have mine with monkeys in Bali, or sitting in my wetsuit about to scuba dive the Red sea.

Who wants it with a slice of cake anyway?

I'll take it with a slice of life please..

While writing a blog about my journey on a one-way ticket through South America in 2014, just for my friends and family to keep up on, I ended up getting some great responses.


Not only did I find out I spend way too much time looking for the cheapest price going on EVERYTHING, I also realized there was a lot of travellers out there who didn't


Solution? Document it, Write it, Shout about it. Drink Coffee.

And that I did.


I have no big life changing story for you sorry; yeah I quit my job and sold all my belongings, but what travel blogger hasn't these days?


I have been traveling for about 8 years now from Ski Trips in Europe to Scuba Diving in the Maldives and about 60 other countries in-between. Ultimately, I am just in love with the open road, and writing about it, and will do almost anything to keep living my dream...


I tend not to think, in fact, thinking bores me, I like spontaneity, this also reflects in my writing, so forgive me, you will most probably find some grammatical mistakes, I brush it off as part of my charm...? No? 

A nice little Timeline

2011-2013: Worked in a bank, had a mortgage- bored me. Got a backpack took 2 months off work and travelled to Asia- did NOT bore me. Worked in a summer camp in USA as a lifeguard then travelled for a month around the states. 


2013/2014: Started this blog! Backpacked South and Central America, Mexico and USA for a year. HAD THE TIME OF MY LIFE. Did my Dive master qualification in Turkey for a few months

2015: Got a job in Micronesia on a Scuba dive live aboard. Worked and lived on the boat for 3 months, Then came to Hong Kong for a few days- and ended up falling in love with the city and getting a job as an Editor. Still here now!

Why the name Coffee with a slice of Life?

Ermm, honestly? Because I love coffee and it tends to be a priority where ever I visit, also I love cake but I didn't want it to sound like a cookery website, so life it is. No cake, Just life. 


So, if you still fancy coming along for a ride, tag on ,enjoy, laugh, share, and plan your next trip of a lifetime, all with some tried and tested tips to get you on your way.


If you want to see more photos of the face behind check out my Bucket List and tell me about yours...


...and why not contact me while you're at it? Send me your stories and tips, or ask me about guest posts and links.


Oh and let me answer one of your questions for you: Read how I got 'So Lucky' to be able to travel the world for the last 5 years..


And check out My most popular questions as asked by my readers here

And what about now?

Honestly, I forget how many countries I am on, or where I am most of the time. But I wouldn't have it any other way. I am truly living out my dreams, and with my new scuba dive community Girls that Scuba I have MASSIVE plans in store!

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