How to be a better f*cking human

Pictured: Regi Domingo, ocean activist and conservationist
Pictured: Regi Domingo, ocean activist and conservationist

You need to be a better human, I need to be a better human, we all need to be better human. And it's not an option anymore. We are killing our world, our oceans, and everything inside it.


You don't need to read this article, but you need to be a better fucking human - so read this article. Because if not you, then who?

Stop using plastic. Now

Plastic; made from fossil fuels with a huge carbon footprint, a material that will still be here in hundreds of years. Something that so many talk about being 'recycled' yet it has been PROVEN only a tiny percent of it actually is. Leaches toxins into food and drinks, causes hormone disruptions and cancers. Pollutes our oceans, kills the marine life and birds. Enters our food chain and goes into our bodies.


So why exactly are we still using plastic? Give a shit about the world? Join A Waste Free World to find ways of living without plastic.

We asked nicely ;) #awastefreeworld

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Stop eating meat and fish to excess

Excessive meat-eating is partly responsible for an epidemic of obesity — now one of the most costly social burdens. Over-consumption of red and processed meat is contributing to the rise in diseases such as heart disease, type-2 diabetes and certain cancers.


What’s more, this pattern of excess is a key driver of environmental damage and a serious drain on water and land. The livestock sector accounts for 14.5% of global greenhouse gas emissions, roughly the same share as every car, truck, plane, train and ship put together


I'm not saying you should totally give up meat and fish, just be conscience of how much of it you are eating and where it actually comes from. Is the fish you are eating sustainable?


Finding it hard to give up or cut down? Seek inspiration in Paul McCartney "Meat-free Mondays" or check out this TEDtalk about being a weekday vegetarian.

Stop smoking. For the ocean

stop smoking
Picture by Surfrider Foundation

Get scuba dive certifed

I truly believe to realise the scale of the problem you need to see it with your own eyes. One of the most beautiful things you can ever learn to do is to learn to scuba dive and to experience the ocean yourself. Being face-to-face with fish, from big to small, young to old, endangered to, well.. even more endangered, will open your heart and allow you to recognise what the oceans would be like if we keep mistreating them. The first time you see plastic in the ocean, the first time you see fishing nets, the first time you see a shark without its fin left to die, will be the last time you don't do anything about it. Lose your heart to the ocean and commit to making a change.

Look after animals, they can't speak for themselves

Speak out

Be angry, ask for help, tell others you are confused. Don't ignore the problem. Use your voice to make a change because you CAN make a change.


Start a petition

Start a social media page to encourage change

Talk to goverments

Attend confrences

Listen to TEDtalks. Share them


However it is you do it. SPEAK. 


Be nice to people. Tell them they are awesome

Because since when did we become so un-empathetic? Why are telling people our feelings so damn hard? If you think someone is awesome TELL THEM, what will happen to them if you TELL THEM? As humans, we need confirmation, affirmation. We need to know we are doing something good. If you aren't telling someone they are awesome - and they are - then who IS telling them? What if no one is telling them. Tell that person you've always thought is awesome that they are. Tell your inspiration that they are truly that. 


Be nice to people, everyone is fighting their own battles. Give people more time, allow yourself to see the best in them.


Don't shame others for not being perfect, congratulate them for trying their best. You never know who might be the next person to change the world - and maybe they just need your words of encouragement to spark the change.


"Those who don't believe in magic will never find it"


We CAN change the world, we WILL change the world. We just need to be better, we need to work together, we need to believe it's not too late.

* sorry for swearing, but it got your attention didn't it

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