‘I haven’t travelled everywhere, but it’s on my list’- Susan Sontag

Other than agreeing on the above quote, I also have a personal more in-depth bucket list which seems to be getting bigger every time something gets ticked off. The more I see, the more I want to see. It’s a crazy cycle. But I have no doubt that everything I want to do is achievable, however, I don’t put a time frame on them. I like to travel slowly and fully towards the direction of my bucket list and enjoy the ride on the way.

I will keep adding to this list, and updating it with relevant posts, so I think it deserves pride of place as a permanent top bar feature. (Yup, there is a lot of scuba dive related items, I can't help I'm addicted)

Here we go..

(No order of priority)

1. Go on an African Safari

2 .Eat Nachos and shot Tequilla in Mexico- DONE

3. Learn to Scuba Dive- DONE. Read about my Scuba Career here

bucket list scuba dive destinations


4.Visit Machu Pichu- read why I didn’t quite make while in Peru.

5. Swim with Sharks- DONE, Panama Coiba National Park

6. Become a resident of another country

7. Sky Dive- Done, UK 2011

8. Go to the Galapagos Islands

9. Get a paid job abroad- Done, in EcuadorMicronesia, Hong Kong

10. Travel in a camper van

11. Rio carnival

12. Get a tattoo in another country- Done, although it didn’t stop at one. Thailand, Budapest, America, Chile, and Hong Kong



13. See Komodo Dragons on Komodo Island, Indonesia - DONE

14. Eat Indian food in Mumbai

15. Visit all 7 continent’s inc Antartica- Only Antarctica to go

16. Go to the dead sea in Israel

17. Learn to Free Dive

18. Motorbike across a country

19. Learn more than one Language- I am conversational in Spanish, but I still want to be in another language.

20. Learn to Snowboard

21. Go to an Olympics

22. Get Dive masters qualification- DONE!! Turkey 2014

23. Travel solo- I'm doing it now...

24. Road trip up the West coast of USA- Done

25. Go on a hot air balloon ride in Cappadocia, Turkey - DONE

26. Visit the Amazon Rainforest- Done March 2014

27. Swim the channel

28. Visit more countries in a year than there are months! DONE- Read '15 countries in 12 months'

29. See Pink Dolphins- DONE YAY, I saw them in the Amazon

30. Swim with whale sharks- Done, Holbox Island Mexico

31. Go to Burning Man and Tomorrowland  Festival

32. Write a Travel book

33. Go to the tomato festival in Spain

34. Do a Colour Run- Done in Santiago, Chile

35. Scuba dive with manta rays - DONE

36. Drink vodka in Russia

37. Dive the sardine run in South Africa (my ultimate scuba dream)

38. Do a Surf Camp in Bali- Done


 39. Mardigra in New Orleans


40. Dive the Blue Hole in Belize- DONE July 2014


41. Go to Canada


42. Visit every U.S state


43. Spend Christmas on a Beach - DONE, Australia


44. See the Northern Lights


45. Paraglide. DONE- Pamukkale, Turkey 

46. Eat myself into a Sushi coma in Japan - DONE


47. Visit the last place my mum went before she passed away. Finland - DONE


48. Visit my brother and his wife living in Jordan


50. Go on a Scuba Dive Live a board- I worked on one.


51. Inter-rail around Europe.


52. Antelope Canyon, Arizona


53. Scuba dive with Great White sharks – WITHOUT a cage


54. Find a part of the Great Wall of China with no one on

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