Airport Shuttle

From Central to the Airport in under 30 minutes. This is why we love Hong Kong. So easy and so efficient. You can also get a bus, but with traffic it can take an hour or more. Book with and get a single journey for $8 (USD) rather than the $12 charged at the MTR station! BARGAIN!

Stay Connected

If you are just visiting and want to stay connected with friends and family back home buy yourself a prepaid sim card from 7 Eleven. PCCW charge $68HKD for 7 days data (3gb) so you can connect to Facebook, Whatsapp as well as Google Maps while you are out and about. Buy the sim card and $100 top up voucher which will last you 7 days with data and the extra $32 for calls or texts. Just ask at any 7 Elven for a PCCW pre paid sim. Make sure your phone is unlocked though! The Hong Kong country code 852 will allow you to call Hong Kong from another country. Hong Kong telephone code 852 is dialed after the IDD.

Get Prepared 

Keep Travelling:

Save Money

Work as an English Teacher in HK. Get your TEFL certificate online before you go; enter COFFEELIFE30 for 30% off